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I’ve become a Reader… of YA fiction…

Ever since I finished Grad School in August, I’ve been reading  A. LOT. OF. BOOKS. Seriously, people, I have a queue lined up so when I’m finished with one, I can move directly on to another. Within a month of graduating, I had finished all the Harry Potter books (and movies!). Just in 2012 (so far) I’ve read 10 books, most of which are series of at least 3 books:


And I’m currently reading Gone by Michael Grant, also a series. You may be catching a theme here…

I’ve also recently re-read The Hunger Games (and will do the others as soon as my hubs is finished!) in preparation for the movie and a Bible Talk @hannahlouwho and I wrote for @youthesource. If you ask me what I think about that series I’d be honest and say:


Yes, without breath. Because, honestly, I think it’s better… and I honestly cannot wait until May 1st when #2, Insurgent, is available for my eyes to consume. I’ve even gone so fannerd as to join #TeamAmity, a group of blogging readers who love Divergent like I do (probably more actually, but who’s counting?!)

Right now they’re hosting a giveaway… I really shouldn’t tell you about it so that I have a better chance of winning, but I’m a nice person. Go go here and enter. You’re welcome!


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Hulu & 16-Year-Old-Me

I’ve been watching a show on Hulu called “Dating Tips from My Future Self”. It’s a fun, quirky, short show (each episode is 10 minutes or less!) about this girl who works for an App developer. She shares an idea one day in staff meeting about an app that helps you make decisions— a Customized Magic 8 Ball, if you will. Well, the idea quickly gets shot down as ridiculous. Yet, later that same day, she gets a text message from an UNKNOWN number, who we quickly discover is her 10-years-in-the-future-self, telling her to dump her current boyfriend/almost-fiancee because he’s a jerk. Only 4 episodes in, we find out he IS an actual jerk (I mean, who calls his fiancee “childish”?!) and so many doors have been opened for them. Of course you just have to ignore the whole space/time continuum issues…. but overall I think it’s a brilliant idea!

Now, I know I missed my “official” day to post a letter to my teenage self, so I hope the other girls at Via forgive me, but here is my attempt:


Dear Me,

The summer of your sixteenth birthday is going to be amazing. Really, it’s going to be the kickstart of your life and knowing how things are going to be nearly fourteen years later (yes, you’re alive at the age of almost-30!) I can tell you that it’s certainly worth it. This summer you’re going to travel A LOT, get your first boyfriend, and find your life’s calling. But you’re going to experience all of that soon enough. What I’d like to do is give you a few rules to follow in the coming years— and I know how much you like rules!

Rule #1: Break some rules! Not big ones, mind you. We don’t want to know what life is like in prison, now do we? No. But bend some. Stay out late, don’t do an assignment, skip class (for reasons outside of Yearbook and Hi-STEP). Learn to have a little fun.

Rule #2: Don’t be so serious! Seriously. Lighten up. You’re so serious about grades and boyfriends and work and sports and friends that there’s no time to really experience a lot. 

Rule #3: Don’t get too involved/attached too quickly. You haven’t met your first boyfriend yet so you don’t know what I’m talking about, but you soon will. You will NOT marry him. Or the one (or two or three or four) after that. Believe me, waiting for the one we eventually marry is TOTALLY. WORTH. EVERY. MOMENT. And you’ll probably cry less. Especially your senior year. Trust me.

Rule #4: Don’t date that guy your junior year of college. It was a bad idea. Everyone knows it, they just won’t tell you until AFTER you break up with him. 

Rule #5: Travel as much as possible. I’ll tell you right now that going the places we’ve been is life altering— especially Africa the summer after your sophomore year of college. It’s important to get those stamps in your passport. It’ll mean something in the future to look back at all the places you went BY YOURSELF. And it’ll make it easier planning trips in the future— you won’t be so scared to go to far off wonderful places. 

Rule #6: Learn how to wear make-up. And tweeze your eyebrows. LIKE NOW. Fo realz, yo. Get yourself a nice, sharp pair and a magnifying mirror and go to town. 

I’m sure there’s more I can/should tell you but I’m not going to. A little bit of mystery is important in life. But know this: You have an absolutely wonderful life here in 2012. You have a husband who loves you, a job that has it’s quirks but is awesome altogether, and a home full of animals that’s warm and just what you make it. 

So happy sweet 16, me. Enjoy the daisies from your folks and the balloons in your hair at TGIFriday’s… but be careful walking to the bathroom— there’s a ceiling fan in that restaurant that might just rip out all that hair if you’re not careful!

Love, The-Almost-30-You

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